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Rip Currents can be hard to see. However, nobody can deny the power they hold. That is the motto behind our agency. To construct creative marketing content that, continuously, draws people back in. Businesses that don’t choose to offer fresh, valuable content will always lose customers to those that do. 

In this digital age, it’s important to meet your potential customers where they are. As a result, at Rip Current Creative, Our team is committed to educating our clients on proven marketing strategies that fit their business. Whether you are looking for ideas for your social calendar, or need help constructing a long-term advertising campaign – we can elevate your brand and make your business stand out.

Don’t ride the wave of ineffective marketing messages.
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Elizabeth is one of the sharpest, hardest working marketing executives I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with and learn from. She will add value to any team that she joins.

Kenneth Rose – 
President and CEO at UChicago Medicine Advent Health Bolingbrook

Rip Current Creative does a phenomenal job—Elizabeth is extremely hard working and creative with her promoting. She thoroughly understands the “back-end” of the internet to aid in online presence and search engine optimizations. She handles all our social media accounts across various platforms and is responsive in minutes. We highly recommend her!

Greta Pearson – 
Project Manager, Pearson Construction Company

Elizabeth Meeth is an absolute professional. Not only is she easy to work with, Elizabeth is creative and can tell a story in a way that grabs an audience. Her work creates an emotional connection to your cause or business and leaves a memorable, lasting impact.

Kathleen Curtis Wolf – 
Owner, The Purpose Partners

I have much respect for Elizabeth and her approach to her work and her career. She combines her intelligence and talent with the hard work required to produce an excellent product. Her respect for others, from newsroom colleagues to physician leaders, or healthcare executives, fosters productive working relationships.

Ed McDowall – 
Former VP of Marketing & Communications, Memorial Health System

For a person or company seeking assistance on promoting  a product or advancing an idea to the public I would highly recommend using Elizabeth Meeth. Her extensive background as a TV anchor woman, publicity agent for companies, and work in her own company has given her an innate understanding of what the key points are to explaining a venture to others. Elizabeth has cultivated a relationship with others in the newspaper, radio, and television industries that can serve as important contacts. She listens well to understand the work to be done, is a gifted writer, works easily with others, and is quick to offer ideas.

John R Nye
CEO, K-Line Irrigation NA

Elizabeth’s background in broadcasting and marketing made her a great fit for messaging to the community about our services. Her work was very beneficial, and our volume grew during the time she worked for us. 

Rick Mace – 
Former President & CEO, Adventist Medical Center

Elizabeth has worked with our group for a couple of years now and has done a great job with getting our website and social media sites up and running, as well as our overall marketing. She has really helped to promote our brands and is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about marketing. 

Jessica Youmans – 
Administrator, Michigan Primary Care Partners